Jasmin Arnold

Professional Hair & Make-up Artist
Diploma-certified Make-up Artist / SFX / Wigmaker (IHK)

Make-up Artist with a Passion

Jasmin Arnold, Visagistin berlin, makeup artist Berlin, Maskenbild

Growing up in the Saarland, my first encounters with the theatre and with the fashion industry crossed over in many ways: In 2005, I was a fashion model in France and Belgium. I quickly realised that good looks and a pretty face alone aren’t enough to make a great picture. The wrong make-up look can quickly ruin the best photo shoot! And so, my interest in the vital role played by make-up artists was awakened.


“Interest turned into passion. I changed sides: in 2009, I moved to Berlin and started a three-year study program to become a hair & makeup artist. At the Mephisto School of Makeup Artistry, I learned the art of hairstyling, making custom wigs, beards, and hairpieces. I also learned mask-making, bald cap application, the skillful use of an airbrush gun, and makeup application for various occasions. This led to work in film, TV, fashion, and beauty shootings, as well as engaging art projects. Each new day brings a new and exciting challenge… a new transformation.”



Hair and Make-up Artist, Wigmaker, Airbrush-, SFX-, Artist booking for: Movie, Photoshootings, Theatre, Wedding, Commercial, Opera, Events


Historical and show hairstyles, elegant updos, applying and styling hair extensions, knotting wigs and beards, all hair types


HD- Make-up, Airbrush, beauty-, fantasy-, and show-, teatre-, make-up, all skin types

Special Effects

Wounds, prosthetics, bald caps, old age (stipple)-,  make-up, Han-applied beards-, without and with tulle 

Hair and makeup artist, Airbrush artist, wig artist, wigmaker


Beauty – The Veil of Reality
Our appearance shapes the perception that others have of us, of our personality, our being and our moods. How we appear to others is also linked to how we move and how we communicate. But above all, it is linked to our outer appearance. So, how can we express our personality in the best way? How can we show our mood through our appearance – or even hide it? What impression do we want to convey? Artsy? Creative? Beautiful? Elegant? As a makeup artist, I’m faced with these questions every day. In fact, they’ve become good friends of mine. Because it’s only when I ask myself these vital questions again and again, that I can create the perfect make-up look or hairstyle for the right character.

Masks – Reality or Fantasy?
Masks transform who you are. They can change people to animals, to wise men, queens or elves. This transformation has always fascinated me. Designing such a transformation is always a wonderful challenge for me as a make-up artist: for the change to be successful, the mask has to fit perfectly, both with the role it represents and with the person playing the part. So, each mask is individual and unique. No single mask is the same.